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Real Estate is Different Now

Why Are You Giving Away So Much of Your Equity to Your Real Estate Broker?

I got my Real Estate license in the late nineties. Back then, we could charge 6 or 7 percent. And we could do it for one reason – WE CONTROLLED THE INFORMATION.

Do you remember what buying or selling was like back then? If you wanted to see what homes were for sale, you had to go to the Real Estate office and go through the listing books (remember those!). That was the only way to see ALL homes for sale!

Those Days are Gone Forever!

Now, if you want to see what’s for sale, you can go to Zillow or Redfin or Trulia or a hundred of other sites. All the listings are there. FOR FREE!

So why use a Real Estate Broker at all? Well, the fact is that 90% of homes sold are because they are listed on the MLS, and more than 80% of buyers rely on a Broker to help them find a home. If you are not on the MLS, most buyers won’t even know you are selling.

And also, you want someone who knows what they’re doing to be on your side, do all of the grunt work, and make sure you don’t make any mistakes that can come back to bite you later on.

You shouldn’t be paying 6% for an outdated model of selling homes. Keep more of your precious equity. If you list with me, you will save an average of over $6,250*, and benefit from an aggressive marketing campaign, full representation and MLS access.

Call Jesse at 503-683-250 so we can get your home sold with less commission and more money in your pocket.


*Based on average listing price in Portland Metro Area, as of Nov 2013 and 6% commission.

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